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Project for the development of the hotel business on the Russian market

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Special Project on TopHotels will promote your hotel!
Individual and complex solution which aimed at promotion of your hotel and increasing of tourist flow
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TopHotels social marketing - effective tool to increase sales

TopHotels social marketing – is a guarantee of conversion increase from the hotel page visitor to the guest of the hotel, whether he is redirected to the direct booking site or buys a tour in travel agency.
Advertising company
on TopHotels projects
increase traffic to your page
at least 30%
A team of professionals
TopHotels Social Marketing
will help increase the conversion from visitor page
hotel to hotel guest
at least 50%
We develop attractive description, adapted to the mentality of Russian guests, and fill your profile page hotel TopHotels.
We will help you develop a unique loyalty program, which will turn into a permanent guest, and will increase the percentage of recommendations from the tourists.
If your hotel does not have a deficit or a Russian-speaking staff, the experts TopHotels will maintain direct contact with your audience and develop the profile of the hotel.
Every action we agree to the hotel, and up to send a detailed report
As a result, you get:
A significant advantage over its competitors
Along with the popularity of your hotel is automatically raised to a top rating TopHotels
The increase in sales and brand awareness
Conversion of the visitor to the page of the hotel guest of increasing by at least 50%
The independence from tour operators
A strong and popular brand - it's your independence from tour operators and travel agents. Tourists are also directly book the your hotel.

TSM Statistics

97% of travellers planning their holiday or business trip, using our projects.

12 500 000
at partners sites
5 000 000
1 200 000
1 250 000
Other sites
1 500 000
Attendance B2C projects per month

As tourists plan their journey

97% all traveling abroad
Russians searching for hotels for rest
on TopHotels, using dozens
After selecting the desired hotel
tourist comes in a travel agency.

40 000 agents checked
hotels on TopHotels and find prices
tour operators.

Travel agency prepares your
operator who offered the best price on

The operator sends
reservation at the hotel and travel agency in

14,000 hotels are already using TSM!

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